Day 1 with Passionfroot
Day 1 with Passionfroot

Day 1 with Passionfroot

Day 1 with Passionfroot

Welcome to Passionfroot!

This quick guide will provide you with all of the steps you need to make your first successful booking with Passionfroot:

  1. Set up your Storefront
  2. Add available slots
  3. Set up payments
  4. Publish and share your storefront

Step 1: Set up your Storefront

Add channel

To get started, pick which channels you want to monetize and add it to your storefront e.g. your newsletter or podcast.

Add product

Next, add the product you want to offer on that channel. This will be what brands can purchase and book you for when they visit your storefront. Depending on the channel, you can offer different kinds of products. We’ve given you some examples below, but feel free to choose your own product names! You can also sell packages of multiple products - click here to learn more about the types of products you can sell.



Each Product that you create can have a designated amount of ‘Placements’ per issue. For example, if you send a newsletter every week and it fits 2 classified ads per issue, you can say that it has 2 ‘Placements’ per issue. Indicating this in the storefront editor will mean that there are two bookable placements in that newsletter for partners each week.



When it comes to pricing, everyone is different! You can choose to have a set price shown on your storefront, or you can hide pricing and ask for a brand’s budget. If you’re a newsletter creator and you want help on pricing your sponsorships, you can use our pricing benchmark guide here.

We want creators to receive 100% of what they earned, so we add a 5% fee (including Stripe fees) onto every invoice, which the brand covers. This total price is reflected in your storefront.

Add stats about your audience with Live Stats

Brands usually want to know the value of working with you by reviewing your stats (see examples in the table below). Our new release of Live Stats 2.0 allows you to showcase real-time performance stats for specific channels using data from InsightIQ (public) and Phyllo (non-public). Just simply connect your channels to Phyllo, and watch as your stats go live and stay regulated.


Add text blocks

Share more information about you, why companies should work with you, case studies and/or references of previous collaborations, or anything else you’d like potential partners to know.

Step 2: Add available slots (Optional)

Now that your products are set up, it’s time to share your availability so that brands can book you directly through Passionfroot.

If you follow a fixed calendar: Slots are great for Newsletters, Podcasts and select Youtubers. They enable you to create slots for your upcoming episodes/issues that partners can book - taking scheduling off your hands 🤩 If you want to add slots, go to Calendar and select “Add slots”:

  1. Choose a channel.
  2. Choose your product.
  3. Add your available slots for each product.

If you don’t follow a fixed calendar: For Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and unscheduled Youtube videos - slots don’t make as much sense. You can skip creating slots. In this case, partners will send you open requests where you can assign a date at a later point 📅

Step 3: Set up payments

To receive payments, you need to go through the Stripe onboarding in Payments. These are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Click on Payments
  2. Insert e-mail address and phone number
  3. Insert OTP from Stripe
  4. Select country and type of business
  5. Verify personal details (Legal name of person, E-mail address, date of birth, home address, phone number)
  6. Share more about your business
  7. Select an account for payouts (Currency, country of bank account, IBAN)
  8. ID Verification (check Stripe for eligible documents)

You can find more information from Stripe here.

Step 4: Publish and share your storefront

You’re all set 🥳  Potential partners can come from anywhere and some of the best sponsors are already reading your emails, listening to your podcast or following you on social media, so it’s important that you link your page across your main platforms. Your Passionfroot page is the gateway to get inbound leads and streamline everything.

Ready to drive traffic to your page? Generate sales consistently by following these 3 steps:

💌 Add your page to your platforms

🤝 Share directly with potential partners

📢 Make a social media announcement

🐦 Make a social media announcement Build hype by sharing your page in an announcement post like this:


Feel free to use this template:”I’m looking for sponsors for my {Newsletter / Podcast / Youtube / Instagram / TikTok name} . If you want to get in front of {Number of your subscribers or reach} {Audience profile}, I'd love to hear from you!”

Use this post as an opportunity to attract the right types of businesses by highlighting your audience profile and stats.

💌 Add your page to your platforms

Leverage the platforms you consistently create on. There’s a high chance that your subscribers will want to get their products or services in front of your audience. We recommend that you link your storefront in:

  • Your bio on your key socials
  • Your sponsorships tab on your website
  • Your footer, shownotes, or similar in your Newsletter/Podcasts/Youtube videos

🔗 Your social media bio

Below see how Milk Road links to their storefront on their Twitter bio - a great way to ensure all sponsorship requests get streamlined and don’t blow up your DMs.


🗞️ Your Newsletter

You can add a section for potential sponsorships in your newsletter and link to your Passionfroot page with a clear CTA. Your readers trust you already and you can make it easy for them to find out how to advertise in your newsletter. You can experiment regarding the positioning within your newsletter.

On top:


Below an ad:


On the bottom:

Tip: For emails, you might want to include the link to your page right below an ad or on the bottom of the email.

🌐 Your website

Link or embed your Passionfroot page on your website under Work with Me, Partnerships or Advertise. For example, Jeff added his Passionfroot page under Partnerships on his website.


🔗 Your link in bio

Add Link blocks to your Passionfroot page and use it as your link in bio. For example, Mica’s allows anyone to see her most important links, ways to collaborate and directly send a request for partnerships. Another possibility is to add the link to your existing link in bio as Fraser is doing it.


📹 About section of your channels

Add your Passionfroot page to the About section of your Youtube channel or podcast like Kelsey . This makes it easier for brands to reach out to you.


📥 Share it directly with potential partners

Send your Passionfroot page directly to brands or potential partners. This might be after they’ve sent you an email or DM, or when you’re looking for potential partners that fit your audience. By including your page, you can convert potential leads into actual sales more quickly. You can use our Proposal feature to send a partner an offer that is quick and easy for them to accept.

You can also use this email template to contact potential sponsors:

Hi [NAME] ,

I hope you are doing well! I am reaching out because I am a huge fan of [COMPANY] and would love to collaborate with you. I am best known for writing about [INDUSTRY / TOPIC] and reach an engaged audience of [AUDIENCE PROFILE]. Please find different ways to collaborate in my partnership page [LINK TO PASSIONFROOT PAGE]. Happy to hop on a call to discuss more details! I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact previous and potential partners via email and share your Passionfroot page with a limited offer (first come first serve).

🖼 Creator Gallery

Need inspiration? Check out our Creator Gallery that features each month a selected group of creators and see how creators are making the most of their storefronts.

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