Building your Storefront

Building your Storefront

Your storefront is an intelligent media-kit that enables you to showcase yourself to potential sponsors and sell sponsorships + other products. You can build, edit, and design your storefront in the Storefront Editor. Your storefront is made up of several building blocks - therefore we call these blocks. 😉 There are 4 main types of blocks: channel blocks, sponsorship blocks, link blocks and content blocks. You can create any of these via the ‘+ Add’ button at the top of the Storefront Editor. Let’s check them out below!


Channel blocks

You can use a channel block to showcase a channel (e.g. Newsletter, Youtube, Instagram) that offer sponsorships or other products for. Here you can describe your channel, link to your channel, and showcase your channel stats so that sponsors know everything they need to book a sponsorship.

Setting up Live Stats

For Youtube, Twitter, and Substack you can link your storefront to your channels to automatically update and verify your stats. This is a great way to make partners comfortable sponsoring you as they know your audience is verified. Follow the video below to learn how to set up live stats:

Note: To set up live stats you must first have a channel block created for the channel you want to connect

Sponsorship blocks

You can use a sponsorship block to create a productized sponsorship that a partner can book. There are 3 main types of sponsorships: products, packages, multi-product packages.

Creating a Product

A product is a single unit of a sponsorship. For example: 1 sponsored post on Instagram or 1 sponsored Newsletter. To create one either hit ‘Add Single Product’ in the add block menu, or click on the channel you want to create a product for and then create it in the sidebar. Check out how we create a Pre-Roll Ad product below:

Creating a Package

You can upsell your partners by offering packages of the same product. Not only does this help you sell more, but also save time. For example, instead of selling one sponsored ad in your newsletter, you can sell 5 sponsored ads with a 20% discount. You can see this in action below:

Creating a Multi-Product Package

If you want to offer a more comprehensive package deal that spans multiple products and channels, you can create a Multi-Product Package. Below we create a package of products from our Newsletter, Podcast, and Instagram:

Link Blocks

You can use a link block as a link-in-bio element. This allows you to link to anything you like whether it be your Gumroad store, donation box, or other things you want to share.

Content blocks

You can use content blocks to personalize your page in any way you like! Many creators use these to showcase content to impress potential sponsors.


Here are some examples of popular content blocks from our creators:

About me


Previous partnerships


About my audience


← Previous

Add link here

Next →

Add link here


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