The collaboration flow

The Collaboration Flow

At Passionfroot we’ve built an end-to-end collaboration flow to make selling sponsorships a breeze - all the way from creating a product to getting paid. 💸

Scared of missing something? Don’t worry, at each step of the collaboration you and the partner will receive e-mail notifications prompting you on what to do next. 💪 However, if you’re curious, we’ve outlined the full collaboration flow between you, The Creator, and The Partner below:

👨‍🎨 You create a storefront, product, and slots

At this point you have built a storefront with products & slots and shared it on your channels so that partners can book it. If not, click here to learn how to do so.

👩‍💼 Partner books a product on your storefront

The partner finds your storefront on your channels, looks through your offering and books a product they like. In the request form they provide brief information about the goals of their campaign and why they want to work with you so that you can quickly evaluate if they’re a good match!

👨‍🎨 You review and accept the request

You receive an e-mail notification that you have a new request, log in to your workspace, go to the Requests Tab, and review the request. You can choose to either reject, accept or send a proposal depending on if a price and date for the collaboration is set or not.

👩‍💼 Partner submits collaboration assets

If you accept the request, the partner will be prompted to submit collaboration assets outlining how they want the ad to look. The partner submits their Creative Briefing with any relevant attachments and notes and it is sent over to you.

👨‍🎨 You propose content (Optional)

You receive an e-mail notification that the partner has submitted assets. Here you can choose to either accept it without submitting an ad preview, or send back a proposal of how your ad will look for the partner’s approval.

👩‍💼 Partner approves the content (Optional)

The partner receives your proposed ad preview and approves or rejects it with feedback. This process continues until the ad is approved by both parties.

👨‍🎨 You send an invoice and get paid

As soon as you have accepted a partner request, you can send an invoice via the Payments Tab. In this invoice you can set your payment terms, VAT/Sales Tax, and any other customizations based on you and your partner’s needs. You can review the status of the payment in the Payment Tab whenever you like.

That’s it! Now all you have to do is post the collaboration and see the money come into your bank account 💸

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