On the Discover tab you can browse exclusive Live Campaigns as well as a curated directory of brands in the Passionfroot Partner Network that have opted in to being discovered by creators exclusively on Passionfroot! We’re dropping hundreds of brands monthly 💰

Live Campaigns

Sponsors on Passionfroot regularly post Live Campaigns. A campaign contains a specific brief and description of the types of creators and content they’re looking to work with in a specific timeframe.

How it works


You’ll receive a notification via email inviting you to apply when a partner publishes a campaign that matches your profile, giving you a chance to join the live campaign.

To access the opportunity, either go to your workspace's Discover page or click on the link in the e-mail and follow the steps below:

1. Read the campaign brief


Read the company’s campaign requirements and keep an eye out for the type of content, platforms, and budget they have. Sponsors are more likely to accept you if you have fully understood what they’re looking for. You should only apply to a campaign if you think it’s a fit in terms of timeline, content type, price, and audience.

2. Apply to the campaign


Fill out the application with a short concise blurb that includes: 👨‍👨‍👦 Details about your audience 🎥 What type of partnership content you’d offer (main ad, 30-second video) 🏷️ Proposed pricing as a starting point for negotiation 📅 The earliest and best dates you can offer Including these will minimize back and forth and enhance your chance of getting approved. You do not need to link your storefront as the partner will see that in your application. Avoid sharing emails as this disrupts the partner’s workflow - applications that do so will not be delivered.

Example of an excellent application


Every wrote a concise application to Notion that made clear that they had actually read the campaign brief, provided the requested product or service, highlighted previous campaign performance, why they want to work with them, and also provided an initial pricing proposal so the sponsor can make a quick decision. These five ingredients will maximize your chance of being accepted!

3. Partner reviews your application

Once you’ve submitted your application the partner is notified and will review it. Partners typically respond to your application between a few hours to a week from you submitting it. If you don’t hear anything they may have decided to reject it but not hit the reject button. You’ll see the status indicators below letting you know how your application is doing.


4. Collaborate!

If you’re accepted to the campaign a chat will open with the partner in your inbox. From here you can send them a proposal with payment request to collaborate as usual!


Discover section

Some partners are open to being contacted even if they don’t have something specific going in. You’ll find these in the Discover section below Live Campaigns. To connect with a brand simply:

  1. Visit the website of the brands you are interested in and evaluate if you think they’d benefit from your audience
  2. If you feel it’s a match, click Connect on that company card
  3. Voila! A direct chat with the sponsor opens upon which you can pitch yourself
  4. Send the sponsor a proposal and manage the entire collaboration and Payment in Passionfroot! 🍊

Connect limits Each week you are allotted 5 Connects for free to ensure that both Creators and Partners pursue relevant collaborations. So check back every week for more opportunities! You can always see which brands you’ve already connected with by flipping between your Available and Connected tabs.

How to pitch yourself and reach out successfully

Leveraging our Discover feature allows you to be proactive and take control over your earnings and choose the dream companies that you want to work with.

Here are 5 tips on how to use Discover to land successful sponsorships:

1.  Understand what the company does and who they want to reach 💡

Head to Discover and identify brands that could be a great fit. Review the company's website and try to understand what they do and who they want to reach.

2.  Reach out to the right partners in your industry 🤝

Reach out to companies that will resonate with your audience and illustrate to the companies how you will reach the right buyers / their target group.

For example a company like Munch, an AI-powered video editing platform, would be most interested if you got an audience of marketers or creators.

3.  Send a personalized message 💬 A good outreach message shows your value in a short and clear pitch. Here's an example that you can use as a template:"Hi Monica,My name is Jen. I found you on the Passionfroot Discover tab and checked your website - love your video editing tool for marketers! I run the newsletter Frootful Creator and can help you reach a more engaged audience among our 50,000 subscribers and 10,000 Twitter followers. Our audience are mostly marketers and creators and would be definitely interested in the product! We've ran successful similar sponsorships in the past with Riverside and Storyblocks.I'd love to see if there's an opportunity to collaborate. We offer various sponsorship options - you can check them out on my Passionfroot page. Best, Jen" 4. ️ Send a proposal to close the deal 🎁 Marketers may have the money, but they don’t always have the time. By using Passionfroot’s Proposal feature, you can tie the knot on your current conversations in a professional way that easily converts. Simply ask the company to book through your Passionfroot page or stay in the chat and head to Action > Send a Proposal.  5.  Follow-up and keep the partners in the loop 📣 Once the sponsorship is confirmed, the partner will receive a payment link and a form to upload their creative assets. Keep them in the loop and follow up when you've actually published their ad and once again when you have results of the campaign.

Read more about outreach in our blog article.


Can i turn off Live Campaign e-mail notifications?

You can unsubscribe from Live Campaign email notifications by clicking the unsubscribe button in the notification. This means you will not be in the loop on any upcoming Live Campaigns and will need to login to check every now and then. We are soon shipping more custom settings so you can control what notifications you get. If you want to re-subscribe to e-mails please get in touch with us in the support chat.