Campaigns let you build, manage, and deploy creator marketing campaigns in one place. Here’s how to use Campaigns to supercharge your creator marketing:

Create a campaign

Create a campaign by going to the Campaigns tab and setting a description and budget - only you and your team will see this information.


Add creators to your campaign

Once you’ve created your campaign it’s time to add creators to your campaign shortlist. On Passionfroot you can either search and Discover Creators or you can publish a Live Campaign with a brief and let the right creators come to you. If you want to have control and send requests directly to creators - use Discover. If you don’t want to search for creators and would prefer to let creators come to you, Publish a Campaign. Tip: Discover ensures you get in touch directly with all the creators you want to but might take more time to find and identify the right ones.


Compare and evaluate creators

Once you have creators in your Campaign you can easily compare your selected creators in a convenient shortlist. Browse their audience, category, and platforms at a glance - and for a deeper look click on the creator to see their storefront in the side-view.

Send booking requests and inquiries

Once you’ve gotten your shortlist of saved creators, simply send them inquiries or requests directly from their storefronts in the side-view. Every request you make will open a chat with the creator on your Homepage.

When reaching out you can choose to either send a Request or an Inquiry: Inquiries are accessed via the ‘Get in Touch’ button which lets you write an inquiry as you would do over email or anywhere else. These are faster for you to send. Requests are great if you know what product you want to buy. For example, a Main Ad in an newsletter. Then you can pick specific slots and lock in certain details directly. These take slightly more time to fill out, but get you to booked slots faster.

That’s it! Launch collaborations seamlessly, send requests and kick off partnerships, all in one central location.

Check out the below demo to see how campaigns work end-to-end!