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Discovery enables you to discover, evaluate, book, and collaborate with creators to promote your product - all from one workspace. All creators you see in Discovery run their business on Passionfroot - so you can skip cold DMs and get direct access to them - fast.


Let’s check out how it works below! 👇


We’ve loaded your workspace with creators that align with your brand and goals based on Categories. To find the perfect matches - simply filter and sort your creators by:

Category e.g. Tech, AI, Food, Travel

Channel e.g. Youtube, Instagram, Newsletter, Podcast

Reach e.g. >100k subscribers

Price level e.g. $$

Advanced Filters

Our advanced search filters simplify the process of discovering influencers who perfectly match your brand values, campaign goals, and target demographics.

The advanced filter feature allows you to narrow down your selection based on factors like follower count, specific keywords, country, gender, and age range. This level of filtration ensures that you find influencers who align perfectly with your campaign objectives and target audience.

Note: Creators who haven't completed their stats will be filtered out or may not appear in the search results.

When browsing through creator storefronts, keep an eye out for a blue checkmark next to their stats. This indicates that the stats have been verified.



Once you’ve set your filters simply click on a creator card that stands out to you. This will open their Storefront in the right side-view. Here you can learn more about the creator, see their channels, and evaluate their audience stats.


If the creator is a good fit for your brand connect directly with them on Passionfroot - no more cold DMs. There are two ways to connect:

• Send a request: Creators have pre-fixed products on each of their channels to make the sponsorship process easier. For example, if you know you want a Main Ad in a Newsletter or a Pre-roll Ad in a Podcast - we recommend you send them a request as shown below.

• Send an Inquiry: Use the ‘Get in touch’ button on top of the Storefront preview to start the conversation with a general sponsorship inquiry. We recommend you include your goals, why you want to work with them, and info about your product so they can better serve you.


Once you’ve sent a request - the creator will review it and revert back with a proposal or message. Passionfroot streamlines your collaborations from request, negotiations, creative assets, to payments - saving you headspace when running lots of collabs. Here’s how it works:


That’s it! Looking forward to helping you grow.