Passionfroot for Partners

Passionfroot for Partners

Passionfroot for Partners

Passionfroot solves companies’ biggest pain-points with creator marketing:

🔎 Finding the right creators

📊 Assessing creators stats & performance

😵‍💫 Communications overflow across platforms

📆 Unclear scheduling

🤷🏽 Missed bookings

💸 Missed payments

We help you find the right creators on all platforms, and book them easily in one seamless workflow.

Our products

Passionfroot is the easiest way to find & book creators - all in one place. We have two offerings: Passionfroot and Passionfroot+

  • Passionfroot: Our core offering: creator storefronts, booking, collaboration, payments - all for free! Check out How it works to learn more
  • Passionfroot+: Our core offering + curated creators for your needs + consultative calls to help you find the right creators for your audience

Get in touch with [email protected] to hear more about our ever-growing offering for partners.

Case studies

We have helped multiple companies kickstart and elevate their creator marketing through Passionfroot+

Qonto Creator’s Night

Qonto wanted to grow their brand awareness amongst freelancing entrepreneurs and creators in Germany. Passionfroot+ curated top-tier creators, Diana zur Löwen and Finanzfluss, for their audience and make their rooftop event in Berlin a success

Agicap ‘Financial Fuck-ups’ Webinar

Agicap wanted to continue their success story in the German market. Passionfroot+ helped them score a collaboration with Diana zur Löwen and use her reach to get their brand in front of German founders, operators, and financial decision makers. Through a coordinated marketing campaing on Linkedin Agicap was able to attract existing customers and new customers to their webinar with Diana exploring cash flow management and ‘The 5 Financial Fuck-ups’.


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