Getting started
Getting started

Getting started

Getting started

Welcome to Passionfroot for Partners!

Passionfroot is the ultimate tool for marketers, growth teams, and founders to drive creator-led growth at scale. Passionfroot helps you discover, evaluate, book, collaborate, and pay creators all in one place. Making creator collaborations as easy as Google Ads.

Let’s help you get started with this quick guide:

1. Discover

Now that you have a workspace - go to the Discover tab to start discovering creators. Discovery features creators reaching over 230 million people in total! However, you can use our powerful filters to drill down by category, channel, reach, price, and much more to find the creators that align with your target audience.

2. Save your favorites

Once you find some creators you think could be a match - save them to a Campaign! Campaigns let you save your favorite creators in one list so you can evaluate them one step deeper.

3. Evaluate & compare

To get a deeper understanding of each creator, open their storefront and check out their channels, audience stats, products, and pricing. Compare within your campaign to decide who you want to work with.

4. Send a request

Now that you’ve found some matches - simply send them a request either by booking a specific product within their storefront (like a Featured Ad) or hitting “Get in touch” to send them an inquiry.

That’s it! Now the creators will get your request straight into their sponsorship inbox. The average reply time is <24 hours and you’ll be notified via email. If you don’t hear back, reach out to us in the support chat and we’ll help out! Here’s how a collaboration works:



What is Passionfroot for Partners?
  • Passionfroot for Partners serves as your central hub, empowering you to seamlessly manage all collaborations in one unified space.
  • If you have ongoing collaborations: Create your account to gain access to a comprehensive view of proposals, invoices, and outcomes that creators have shared with you.
  • If you've recently completed a collaboration: Your account allows you to conveniently access an archive of all your interactions with creators on Passionfroot, and easily kick off your next collaboration.
  • You can trust that your data is safe with us. Only you have access to the information related to the collaborations you've managed through Passionfroot.
How do I access Passionfroot for Partners?

To access it, just click on the link provided below. Simply login with your email that you have been using to book creators on Passionfroot.