Customer Stories
Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Case studies

Check out our Partner case studies below to understand how companies like Durable, Attio and Wave use Passionfroot to discover B2B creators and unlock creator-led growth.

Qonto Creator’s Night

Qonto wanted to grow their brand awareness amongst freelancing entrepreneurs and creators in Germany. Passionfroot curated top-tier creators, Diana zur Löwen and Finanzfluss, for their audience and make their rooftop event in Berlin a success

Agicap ‘Financial Fuck-ups’ Webinar

Agicap wanted to continue their success story in the German market. Passionfroot+ helped them score a collaboration with Diana zur Löwen and use her reach to get their brand in front of German founders, operators, and financial decision makers. Through a coordinated marketing campaing on Linkedin Agicap was able to attract existing customers and new customers to their webinar with Diana exploring cash flow management and ‘The 5 Financial Fuck-ups’.