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Navigating your Workspace

Your workspace is the ultimate ‘home page’ where you can manage your sponsorships in one place. On the left hand side you have your navigation bar where the tabs are organized in the flow you typically work in from sales all the way to payments. Let’s check them out!

Home Screen

Each time you login we welcome you home 🏠 


If you’re tight on time, the Home view does the thinking for you with a set of cards that give you everything you need to know to move your sponsorships forward.

  • At a glance: A quick overview of any unread messages you may have and your earnings to date.
  • Collaborations: Tells you which collaborations need your action, and what action to take so that you can easily move your collaborations to completion. The to-do’s are sorted by the collaboration stage and initial date of the request. If the view is empty, that means you’re on top of things and the next steps are on the partner’s side. The main types of to-dos are:
    • Review request: A new sponsorship request you have gotten
    • Remind partner: A partner may need a nudge to accept an offer or submit/approve assets
    • Propose content: Propose content to the partner based on their submitted assets (or skip to ready in case you are good to go).
    • Send proposals without slots : It is also now possible to send proposals to sponsors without adding slots to your calendar ! Just select any date and send the proposal making it easier, faster and smoother to close these brand partnerships. See below video on how to do this ⬇️
  • Payments: Tells you if you have any collaborations where you need to request payment and/or send a reminder about payment or billing info. The main types of payments to-dos are request payment, request billing info, void invoice, and/or send a reminder to partner about an invoice.

Now using Passionfroot is as simple as logging in, checking Home, and knocking down your To-Do’s until you hit Inbox Zero!

Storefront View

On the Storefront tab you can see how your storefront is performing, share your storefront, and access the Storefront Editor. Click ‘Edit Storefront’ to enter the Storefront Editor.

Partners View


The Partner View is a CRM that gives you an overview of all of your partner relationships. Every sponsor you have worked with on one or multiple collaborations will show up here. Each row shows you the partner, last activity, and contact details. Simply click on one of the partners to start chatting with them!

Calendar View (2.0)


The Calendar tab is one of the most powerful features in your workspace. Here you get an overview of your editorial calendar and see all of your upcoming slots, which slots are blocked, and scheduled collaborations for the month.

On Calendar 2.0 you can get a monthly summary of your sponsorships on all platforms and see dynamic filters by channel and product.

Quick actions can be taken on the calendar itself such as rescheduling the date of the collaboration, viewing collab details and adding slots directly on the calendar.

External bookings in Calendar

Requests View


Each time you get a sponsorship request, it will appear in your requests view. The dashboard allows you to see new ‘Pending’ requests, requests that are ‘In Negotiation’, and previously ‘Rejected’ requests. This way you can stay on top of your requests and even come back to partners you may have previously rejected. No more sifting through e-mails and DMs!

Payments View


In the payments view you get an overview of the payment status on all of your ongoing collabations (i.e. accepted requests). Simply click on the collaboration to request billing info, send an invoice, or even a reminder! 😉

That’s about it! The workspace is designed to be intuitive to make your life easy. Of course, if you have more questions reach out to us at [email protected] 😊

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