Partner Referral Program
Partner Referral Program

Partner Referral Program


After popular demand, we’ve launched our Referral Program! If you’ve enjoyed Passionfroot check it out below to see how you can earn thousands in cash by referring fellow marketers, founders, and growth professionals to Passionfroot for Partners.

You deserve a vacation - Passionfroot is here to pay for it. 😉

How the program works

You refer marketers in your network to Passionfroot and we’ll pay you cash.

  1. Refer a marketer with your unique link
  2. They sign up, start using Passionfroot, and book creator collabs
  3. You earn 5% of everything they book and pay on Passionfroot 💰

Here’s an example of how much you could earn from referring brands:


That’s it! Refer, earn, go on a free vacation.

How to get started


Simply login to your workspace, click on the referral button on your side menu, and share your link with marketers you know.


Who can I refer?

You can refer anyone you know that works with Creator or Influencer Marketing and that you think would find Passionfroot valuable in their daily work. Typical titles would be Founder, Head of Growth, Head of Marketing, Influencer Marketing Lead, Creator Marketing Lead, Demand Generation, etc.

All referred partners are subject to approval by the Passionfroot vetting standards in order to preserve the quality of the Passionfroot Partner Network.

Existing members of the Passionfroot Partner Network cannot be referred. A member is a specific person at the company.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

For each brand you refer you earn 5% of everything they spend up to $200,000 in total ad spend - or $10,000 in payouts for you. The 10k limit is per referred sponsor.

For example: if you refer 4 partners who each spend $200,000 you will earn $40,000 dollars. 🤯

What are the conditions for a brand deal that the referred person does to qualify for my 5% payout?

Any booking that the Partner makes on Passionfroot through Discovery and pays on Passionfroot qualifies. The stipulation is that the Partner has not had a previous relationship with the creator they booked so that it is classified as a Passionfroot Partner Network booking. That way we have adequate fees to offer you a 33% revenue share.

For example: If you refer a partner that is already working with a certain creator on Passionfroot, then you will not earn 5% on that booking. However, you will earn on any bookings which that partner makes with creators that it has not previously worked with.