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The calendar gives you and your team an automated center of truth for all your brand collaborations. Helping you earn easier.

Calendar Items

Your calendar contains 3 main types of items: Slots, Collaborations, and External Bookings.



A slot is an opening you create for sponsor to book sponsorships on through your storefront. For example, if your newsletter goes out every Friday - you can create slots for every Friday that sponsors can book in your Storefront. This powerful feature enables you to automate ad sales and scheduling without any conflicts! If your channels follow a specific publishing schedule (Newsletters, Podcasts, Youtube) slots are a great tool. If you’re content schedule is more irregular (Instagram, TikTok) don’t worry - you don’t need to have slots to send proposals on the fly.



The Calendar shows you all collaborations that you have ongoing or completed. Simply click on them to get an overview of who, what, when, and how much. From here you can either hit ‘Open collaboration’ to get a detailed view and go to your chat with the sponsor - or you can use an Action to edit or cancel a collab.


External Bookings


What if you have collaborations that aren’t on Passionfroot? That’s a bummer - hope you streamline it on Passionfroot next time! In the meantime, you can use the External Booking feature to add them to your calendar. One calendar, for all your bookings ✨ You can add an external booking by hovering above any date and hitting +

Working with the Calendar

The calendar is basic when you want it - and powerful when you need it. Here are some of the Calendar features that make managing brand partnerships a breeze:


The calendar shows you everything you have going on - but you can quickly filter down to what really matters with Filters!


Channel filters


You can use channel filters to quickly get an overview of what collaborations you have coming up on a specific channel.

Booking status filters


You can also filter your calendar by the booking type to see live collaborations, unbooked slots, external bookings, and blocked slots. The most powerful features we recommend are:

  • Filtering to see what collabs you have live and need to act on
  • Filtering by available slots to see where your sales team needs to fill inventory