Live Campaigns
Live Campaigns

Live Campaigns

Live Campaigns

We’re happy to have you be a part of our launch Pilot! This enables you to publish specific campaign briefs that creators on Passionfroot can apply to. Check out the launch video below:

How it works 🤓

To gets started simply login and go to your campaigns page. Here’s a quick walkthrough video on how to get started with Live Campaigns:

In 4 steps you can save time on sourcing creators by letting creators come to you:

  1. Create a new campaign with description, platforms, categories, timing, and any other details creators need to know to work with you.
    1. Note: This campaign must be a new one for you to be able to access the publish button
  2. Publish and go live: publish your campaign so creators on Passionfroot fitting your specs can see and apply to it
  3. Accept/reject applicants to your campaign as they come into your campaign workspace.
  4. Collaborate with the creators you matched with. Simply send requests or ask them for a proposal in your chat to streamline.

New updates💎

  • Unpublishing and editing a campaign: Easily manage your live campaigns on Passionfroot by unpublishing them, halting creator applications while preserving existing submissions. You get to take control of your campaign details with the flexibility to edit filters, descriptions, and more at any time.
  • Saving a creator from Discovery into a live campaign: You can now combine creators you've saved from Discovery with those who applied to your campaign into a single connected campaign.

Beta Limitations ℹ️

In order to get this feature out as fast as possible for users asking for it there are some limitations in the pilot:

  • Adding back a rejected or removed applicant: Once you’ve rejected an applicant you won’t see them in your campaign anymore - simply give us a ping on Intercom if you want to bring them back 😊

Future updates 👀

In the future we have a lot of exciting updates to take this feature even further.

  • Publishing campaigns publicly - being able to generate a campaign link that you share on your socials or anywhere in public for creators outside of Passionfroot to apply to
  • Campaign appearance customization - adding pictures to your campaign as well as an asset library
  • Precise criteria and filters - being able to limit applicants to certain channels and geographies
  • Measuring results - the campaign flow will allow for measuring results in the future

Let us know if you have any input or suggestions for future updates!


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