How it works


Passionfroot lets brands or any other external party book collaborations with creators via their Storefronts - faster and easier. Simply explore all of our creators’ storefronts, pick the creator you like, and book them in one easy flow.

Below is an outline of how to buy sponsorships on Passionfroot:

1. Explore a creator’s storefront

The Passionfroot storefront allows creators to showcase their channels, products and stats in one place to make it easier for you, the partner, to evaluate if you should work with them. For example, below we explore Tech Notice’s storefront, discover his previous collaborators, sift through his channels, and decide to book an ad on his Youtube channel:

Once you’ve explored their storefront, it’s time to book a product.

2. Booking a product


Step 1: Send your request

Visit a creator’s storefront. Once you decide which product to book, simply select the product and follow the booking flow:

  1. Pick an open slot (optional). If there are no available slots it could mean that the creator is fully booked - but submit a request and perhaps they can fit you in somewhere else!
  2. Share more about your campaign why you want to work with the creator
  3. Share your contact and company details
  4. Review the shared information and submit the request 💥

Once you make a request through a creator’s storefront, the request will be reviewed by the creator. The creator has the option to accept or reject a request, or to make a new proposal based on the initial request.

For now, just sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and we’ll notify you via e-mail when the creator has reviewed your request. ☕

Step 2: Complete payment

Your request has been accepted (or you accepted the creator’s proposal) - congratulations! The creator will share an invoice with you and you can proceed to pay the creator for the booked product. As of now, Passionfroot adds a 2% fee (excl. Stripe payment fees) to every invoice, which the partner covers. This allows us to pay creators 100% of what they earned.

Step 3: Share creative briefing

After the payment and depending on when the creator needs your creative briefing, you will be asked to share the creative assets outlining the formulation of your ad. This is your opportunity to sharecopy and any media or files you want the creator to include in the ad. Once you’ve filled your Creative Briefing out, the creator will review it. Here’s how it looks:


Step 4: Review content (optional)

If the creator allows for content review, you will get the chance to review it, suggest edits and give the green light for the content to be created. If the creator does’t allow content review, the ad will be finalized based on your submission in Step 3.


That’s it! One flow from booking, to payment, to your ad being shared with your favorite creator’s audience!


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