You can get paid at the click of the button.

  1. Head to Payments, select the collaboration and choose Request Payment.
  2. image
  3. Partners will receive an email with the payment link and the summary of their order and they can choose between credit card payment and ACH bank transfer.
  4. The payment link opens a payment page (see screenshot). Partners can add their invoice details directly onto the invoice, pay and download the invoice afterwards.
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Send a proposal together with a payment link

In case you’re sending a proposal to a partner, you can streamline the process by sending the payment link together. Choose Auto when sending a proposal. Once a partner accepts the proposal, they’ll automatically receive the payment link to pay.


External Payment links

If you choose to share an external payment link instead of using our platform's payment system, you'll receive a friendly reminder. This reminder simply highlights some of the benefits you might miss out on, like payment protection, automated invoicing, and dedicated support.


How do I enable Payments?

We’re working together with Stripe to enable you accept online payments and get paid quickly. Stripe pays directly into your bank account. These are the documents you need to open a new Stripe account through Passionfroot. If you already have an account, simply connect to it to get started.

Usually, accounts are automatically enabled to work with Stripe. If that’s not the case, just let us know and we’ll take care of it for you. If the account is enabled, this is what the (usual) process looks like:

  1. Click on Payments
  2. Insert e-mail address and phone number
  3. Insert OTP from Stripe
  4. Select country and type of business
  5. Verify personal details (Legal name of person, E-mail address, date of birth, home address, phone number)
  6. Tell more about your business
  7. Select an account for payouts (Currency, country of bank account, IBAN)
  8. ID Verification (check Stripe for eligible documents)
How do I add invoice details for partners onto the invoice?

Partners can add their invoice details and billing info (e.g. name, company name, address etc.) onto the invoice once you send a payment request - no need to involve you anymore!

How do I make tax information and public business information visible on the invoice ?

To ensure that the VAT number and the correct details of your business show up on the invoice these details must be entered on your Stripe account as follows :

VAT Details : Settings > Invoice settings > Tax > Fill in Tax Information Public business information : Settings > Public details

How do I edit an invoice?

Currently, you can’t edit an invoice once it has been created. You can cancel the invoice and send a new payment request or reach out to the customer support chat and we can help you!

How do I split payments or create several invoices?

Once a sponsor has made one booking with several slots, they will receive an invoice and payment request for the entire booking with all dates. In order to split the booking into two, you need to create two collaborations. 1. Update the current collaboration: You can go to Calendar > Select the collaboration > Edit the collaboration > Change the collaboration to the reduced number of slots > Go to Payments > Request Payment.

2.Create a second new collaboration: For the second invoice, you need to create a new proposal with the remaining slots and choose Auto payment. Once the partner accepts, they will receive another invoice for the second part. If you have difficulties, please reach out to our customer support chat and we can help you!

When do I get paid?

You can set the payment deadline when dictating the collaboration terms with your partners. As soon as the partner pays, the money lands in your bank account and it’s automatically tracked in your Passionfroot payment dashboard.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid through Stripe directly. We provide the credit notes (i.e. the paper work) to you.

How do I cancel an invoice?

You can void an invoice at the click of a button. Simply open the payments tab, click on the payment in question, then hit the ‘Void’ button.

How do I check my payouts?

All of your payouts and pending payments are available in your Payments dashboard:

  • Money that has been paid out
  • Money not yet paid out (Waiting for payment)
  • Total earnings
  • All transactions

If you’d like to see more details, you can log into Stripe by clicking on Stripe settings.

How does invoicing work with Passionfroot?

We give you the tools to create all invoices correctly, taking into account the external partner’s local jurisdiction and send them out accordingly.

How does Passionfroot make money?

Passionfroot currently charges a 2% service fee to the partner and Stripe charges 2.9% payment processing fees. We charge this to the partner so that you, the creator, earn 100% of your payout.

Who is the Merchant of Record (MOR) in case of a successful collaboration?

The MOR is the creator who is also delivering the service to the partner/ company. Passionfroot facilitates the collaboration on the platform and supports the creator to manage the business relationship.

How do you account for taxes at Passionfroot?

After the introduction of the marketplace take rates Passionfroot generates fee invoices on a quarterly basis.