Get more sponsorships
Get more sponsorships

Get more sponsorships

How to grow with Passionfroot

There are plenty of ways to use Passionfroot to grow your sponsorship business:

  • Increase your Storefront visibility
  • Do outbound sales to brands
  • Requests from our Ad Network
  • Matching with partners on Discover

Increase your Storefront visibility

Check out Sharing your storefront for more info on how to make sure your storefront gets seen by sponsors.

Do outbound sales to brands

Some of our most successful creators score brand deals via outbound sales. Many marketers struggle to find the right creators and don’t have time to go digging - here there is an opportunity for you to make their life easier by showcasing what you have to offer.

In case you want to show them your full offering, simply link them your Storefront. In case you want to send them a specific offering to accept, we have developed the Proposal Feature to make it even easier for brands to work with you.

How to create a proposal

You can use a Proposal to share a custom offer for a brand that you are trying to close or to finalize a deal with a brand you have been in conversation with. Simply hit the ‘New+’ tab in your workspace, put together the offering, and shoot it away! Check out how we landed Riverside as a sponsor using this feature below:

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