Discover Creators

Discover Creators

Discovery 🔎


Discovery enables you to discover, evaluate, book, and collaborate with creators to promote your product - all from one workspace. All creators you see in Discovery run their business on Passionfroot - so you can skip cold DMs and get direct access to them - fast.


Let’s check out how it works below! 👇


We’ve loaded your workspace with creators that align with your brand and goals based on Categories. To find the perfect matches - simply filter and sort your creators by:

Category e.g. Tech, AI, Food, Travel

Channel e.g. Youtube, Instagram, Newsletter, Podcast

Reach e.g. >100k subscribers

Relative price level - updates coming soon…


Once you’ve set your filters simply click on a creator card that stands out to you. This will open their Storefront in the right side-view. Here you can learn more about the creator, see their channels, and evaluate their audience stats.


If the creator is a good fit for your brand connect directly with them on Passionfroot - no more cold DMs. There are two ways to connect:

• Send a request: Creators have pre-fixed products on each of their channels to make the sponsorship process easier. For example, if you know you want a Main Ad in a Newsletter or a Pre-roll Ad in a Podcast - we recommend you send them a request as shown below.

• Send an Inquiry: Use the ‘Get in touch’ button on top of the Storefront preview to start the conversation with a general sponsorship inquiry. We recommend you include your goals, why you want to work with them, and info about your product so they can better serve you.


Once you’ve sent a request - the creator will review it and revert back with a proposal or message. Passionfroot streamlines your collaborations from request, negotiations, creative assets, to payments - saving you headspace when running lots of collabs. Here’s how it works:


That’s it! Looking forward to helping you grow.