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The short summary: We charge you fees only on the brand deals that we bring you - not on your own brand deals.

All fees are incl. Stripe’s 2.9% fee; Pricing as of Feb 2024
All fees are incl. Stripe’s 2.9% fee; Pricing as of Feb 2024

🆓 The pricing for the core product is Free

Passionfroot will continue to remain free for all to use - no monthly fees.

🏪 Fees on your own brand deals are charged to partners

We don’t charge you fees on the brand deals you source yourself. We charge that 5% fee to the partner. This includes:

  • All bookings you get from your storefront wherever it is publicly linked
  • All sponsors you send a proposal that you or your sales teams may have onboarded

🍊 Brand deals you get from the Partner Network will have a 15% commission

To date our ad network has paid out millions to creators in brand deals - to continue to be able to finance the sales & marketing we do to bring sponsors to our ad network we will charge a 15% sourcing fee (including Stripe fees) on these deals going forward. This includes:

  • Sponsorships requests you get from the Ad Network
  • Matches you find in Discover

With this change, we hope to bring in bigger brands, more deals, and get you sponsorships while you sleep! We've collected some visuals and questions below to make this super clear and transparent. Below you can see your earnings on a typical Partner Network deal:


What determines if a deal is from the Partner Network?

Any partner who books you through our Discovery feature as well as any Partner you connect with on Discover will have a tag attached to the relationship. This tag only shows up for bookings done on Discovery - so don’t worry: your organic deals won’t be tagged.


How will I know if a collaboration is a Partner Network collaboration?

Each inquiry, request, and/or chat with a Partner that you connected with through the Partner Network will be clearly tagged with a PF badge to let you know it came from our ad network. You have probably seen this tag in the past 6 months while we haven’t been charging for partner network deals.


How will this fee be applied?

It is automatically applied for you so you don’t need to make any changes in how you use Passionfroot. If you send a proposal or get a request - 15% of the total value will be deducted from your payout and clearly labelled in the pricing breakdown as a Sourcing Fee (that covers Stripe fees too). For example, if a partner books a Sponsored Video for $1,000, you will receive $850 in payout to your bank. As shown below:


How many collaborations is the fee applied for?

The sourcing fee is for all collaborations you have with that partner (similar to how a marketing agency or salesperson would manage a relationship). This is both to reflect the value of acquiring that sponsor for you, but also to cover the tooling on the partner side that enables them to regularly run campaigns on Passionfroot. See below a breakdown of your earnings from repeat bookings with a partner from the Passionfroot Ad Network and if it had not existed below:


User Guidelines

We have a lot of great partners in the network who use Passionfroot as it makes their daily life and achieving scale in their marketing efforts easy and safe. This tooling is what makes it possible for you to enjoy high paying deals in your inbox. That said, we also have a lot of fantastic creators that work hard to deliver great brand experiences. Therefore a requirement for getting sponsorships from our Ad Network is to keep payments on-platform. The app tracks cases where payment is circumvented or done off-platform and rewards good actors who support the overall system. Good actors will receive preferential higher ranking in Discovery and hence get even more brand deals in the future. In short: we kindly ask that you help us help you earn more. 🧡


That’s it! We look forward to helping you earn more. 🤗