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Get Discovered

Get Discovered

Live Campaigns

We just launched our Live Campaigns Beta! This enables you to publish specific campaign briefs that creators on Passionfroot can apply to. In 4 steps you can save time on sourcing creators by letting creators come to you:

1. Create a campaign with description, platforms, categories, timing, and any other details creators need to know to work with you

2. Publish and go live: publish your campaign so creators on Passionfroot fitting your specs can see and apply to it

3. Accept/reject applicants to your campaign as they come into your campaign workspace.

4. Collaborate with the creators you matched with. Simply send requests or ask them for a proposal in your chat to streamline.

Here’s a quick video on how to get started with Live Campaigns:

In the future we have a lot of exciting updates to take this feature even further!

Get Discovered by Creators on Passionfroot


Just as you can discover creators, now creators can also discover you! Discover enables you to tell creators that match your target categories that you’re open for collaboration pitches. Let the creators come to you 😎

Toggle On: Discoverability


All you need to do is toggle it on in your workspace, and creators in categories you're interested in can message you to pitch potential sponsorships. All these messages will show up neatly in your workspace inbox, making it easy for you to keep track and collaborate with creators that match with you! You can always toggle this on or off depending on if you get too many pitches or don’t want to be approached and simply want to use our Discover feature.

What do Creators see when I toggle this on?


When you activate this feature, a card displaying your company name and website appears on creators’ “Discover” tab in their workspace. Your card will only be shown to creators that have the same category overlap as you. Creators visit your website to learn more about your brand and offerings and then hit the "Connect" button to send you a direct message to explore collaboration possibilities on Passionfroot. Creators are limited to 5 ‘Connects’ per week to ensure they only reach out to you if they think it’s a good fit.

We are working on updates to this feature to enable you to share more details about the campaign you are running, type of creators you are looking for, and your performance targets to ensure you get relevant inbound.